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Energy Resume Energy CV Houston Based Bilingual Arabic Geophysical Geoscientist Professional Seeking New Energy E&P Opportunity

Energy Resume Energy CV of Candidate RG26652657.  Bilingual Arabic speaker, US Citizen, Geophysical professional with more than fifteen years experience in the processing and analysis of seismic data using PC Clusters, mainframes, and UNIX workstations. Performed all elements of data acquisition and processing. Open to International travel.

Large Energy Firm,  Houston, TX 1997 – 2009
Processed and analyzed 2D and 3D seismic data from reformat to final migration including testing and client interaction.
Pre-processing data by reformatting, resampling, filtering, and QC to identify geometry related issues.
Recovering data amplitude by gain application and applying frequency-filtering methods.
Application of various noise attenuation techniques suitable for data to enhance imaging.
Applying Deconvolution, Spatial resampling, and Demultiple and NMO correction to data.
Analyzed seismic velocity, bandwidth and other data attributes to determine optimum processing sequences and testing parameters.
Developed an auto-pick technique for picking Seismic velocity which significantly reduced data processing time and  increased accuracy for Velocity Analysis and modeling.
Pre-Stack Time and Depth Migration, Stacking and Post processing data.
Conducted testing and troubleshooting routine production problems.
Performed on-board processing and QC seismic data acquisition.

Large Consulting Engineering Firm,  Houston, TX 1996-1997
Senior Field Engineer

Managed projects for digitizing, scanning, and format conversion for well log data.  Performed QC of well logs, map digitizing, and scanning MacNRG Energy Jobs.
Trained new personnel on digitizing software for the generation of cross sections. Provided close quality control for team work.
Digitized data for well log correlation. Ensured high accuracy of data input to facilitate accurate and timely interpretation.
Analyzed digitized well logs and maps to support exploration production decisions.
B.Sc. in Electrical & Communications, Engineering – Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

Graduate studies for MS in Petroleum Engineering – Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
Drilling, Reservoir & Rock properties, formation evaluations courses
Drilling, Borehole Surveying Methods, fluid and pressure from well data.
Rock properties: Fluid and Rock Type, permeability, Wettability


University of Houston
Industrial Supervision
Digital Systems and Computer Applications for Engineering

Optimizing Job Flows
PC Cluster Development and design Characteristics
Genesys database tutorial
Promax database tutorial for Quality Control
Project Management


Awarded scholarship to attend University of Houston for training in digital systems and computer applications for engineering

Energy Resume Energy CV Senior Petrophysicist experienced in Uncoventional Analysis of North America

Energy Resume Energy CV of Candidate 12433.  Master’s prepared Petrophysicist experienced in unconventional analysis throughout North American.  Extensive experience in exploration and development geology, reserves determination, and reservoir delineation.


Petrophysical analyses                                                            Reserves determination

Exploration and development geology                                   Reservoir delineation

Wellsite geologic/petrophysical supervision  Mentoring/Training lead


Canadian Major Energy Firm

Petrophysicist Specialist                       1996 – Present

Geological & Geophysical Applied Technology – Petrophysicist (2002 –present):

  • Provide petrophysical support and analyses to North American Natural Gas Business Unit, focusing on the continental USA, shale and tight gas sand prospects.
  • Technical evaluation of OGIP values for potential shale gas acquisitions in the Marcellus, Haynesville and Woodford shale prospects. Reserve calculations for existing J-sand and Niobrara carbonate oil reservoirs.

Previous Assignments:

Reservoir Management Team – Petrophysicist/Ops Geologist (1996 – 2002):

  • Well planning, geologic operations, detailed petrophysical analysis and reserves determination of Terra Nova wells. On site field supervision and data analysis incorporating wireline log, MDT/RCI pressure data, core and production test data.
  • Design and write geological, open hole wireline and LWD programs for project wells and CNOPB ADW submissions. Reservoir characterization determination studies for field simulation modeling.

Basin Operations Consortium (Offshore Newfoundland):

  • Wellsite supervision of offshore logging operations, formation evaluation analyses, MDT programming and implementation, VSP data acquisition.

Western Canada:

  • Detailed petrophysical analyses of new wells in both clastic and carbonate reservoirs. Foothills deep well carbonate basin evaluations and multi-well petrophysical evaluation of existing fields.

(Offshore Newfoundland): multi-well evaluation for reservoir and hydrocarbon development potential.

  • In addition review and evaluate new wireline and LWD technologies and analysis techniques and make recommendations for their application where suitable.
  • Taught the Suncor Introductory Log Analysis course to new hire earth scientists, engineers and technologists.

Major Independent E&P

Petrophysics and Operations Geology          1994 – 1996

  • Responsible for acquisition of well site geological data and well log evaluation for all Company interest wells drilled in Canada.
  • Supplied detailed petrophysical analyses to project geologists, production and reservoir engineers, including net pay, porosity, permeability, water contacts and reserves calculations for all Company interest wells.
  • Recommended well testing and completion strategies to senior management.
  • Initiated regional petrophysical studies to assist in carbonate and clastic prospect generation.
  • Identified additional drilling opportunities in undeveloped secondary targets for several existing fields resulting in substantial additional gas reserves.

Major E&P

Supervisor, Geologic Operations                   1989 – 1994

  • Supervised geologic operations team. Responsible for the planning, acquisition and distribution of geologic and petrophysical data on all Canada operated and company interest wells. (Typically more than 150 well locations per year)
  • Evaluated potential benefits of new logging technologies and geologic services for acquiring high quality geologic data in a safe, cost effective manner.

Petrophysical Specialist                                      1987 – 1989

  • Responsible for the design, supervision and analysis of petrophysical programs on Company operated wells.
  • Conducted detailed petrophysical analyses on Company interest wells and recommended well completion strategies.
  • Analyzed multiple well data sets to assist with prospect generation.
  • Supervised on-site logging operations for quality control.

Development Geology                                    1985 – 1987

  • Responsible for the development/exploitation of several major field areas.
  • Discovered and developed two major oil pools and a gas pool in north central Alberta.
  • Evaluated land sales and prepared government submissions for lease renewals.
  • Identified and coordinated drilling opportunities in several Alberta pools.

WELLSITE GEOLOGIST:  Independent Firm  1983 – 1985

Project Geologist                                               1980 – 1983


University of Alberta, 1979, M. Sc.

University of Waterloo, 1977, B.E.S.


Canadian Well Logging Society          (CWLS)

Society of Professional Well Log Analysts (SPWLA)

Can. Soc. of Pet. Geologists (CSPG)

Society of Core Analysts (SCA)


Paradigm Geolog6, Baker Atlas eXpress, and PetroWorks log evaluation software, OpenWorks and Accumap, Unix/Linux Systems and MSOffice Suite.


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Energy Resume Energy CV Senior Staff Petrophysicist Experienced in Western Canandian Sedimentary Basin Areas

Energy Resume Energy CV of Candidate # 99113.  Senior Staff Petrophysicist with over 12 years of experience in Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin; proven capacity to integrate petrophysics with multiple disciplines, including developing static and dynamic models, conducting analysis and producing profitable recommendations to all levels of operations.  Proficient in both deterministic and probabilistic petrophysics using @Risk, MonteCarlo and descriptive statistics, proficiency with Accumap, petrophysical software and LOGIC, UNIX, NT, familiar with Peteral and RokDoc.

Career Highlights

  • Saved ~$30Million by influencing drilling project decisions (SouthFoothills-Devonian) by using petrophysical studies
  • Influenced decision-making to drill two successful wells- most productive wells in  South Foothills based mainly on petrophysical studies
  • Increased production by 800 e3m3/d (Central Foothills) with increase of 5 new wells
  • Strategized increase of >1000 e3m3/d gas using horizontal and deviated wells (Foothills)
  • Saved Company $Millions by optimizing recompletion program (Panther) as a result of a petrophysical study.
  • Excellent Presentation skills; presented to Senior Management, colleagues, and partners for farming out opportunities
  • Shared and communicated experiences, skills, and presented new attended courses within petrophysicists community within Company.
  • Member in Canadian Well Logging Society. 

Professional Experience

Major Oil and Gas Co, Calgary                    1996-present

Senior Staff Petrophysical Engineer       2008-present

(Exploration—Unconventional Gas—NorthEast British Columbia)

Cretaceous and Jurassic

(Cadotte, Fahler, Bluesky, Gething, Cadomin, Nikannassin)

  • Developed and managed formation evaluation program, routine and special core   analysis programs, including rock geomechanic properties (Young Modulus and Poisson  Ratio).
  • Reduced expenditures via reviewing lab proposals to select optimal technical methodology suitable to the specific characteristics of subject reservoir and budget considerations.
  • Supervised coring and logging operations with cost checking and invoice approval.
  • Involved in well proposal, drilling and completion strategies.
  • Finalized formation evaluations after QC data. Formation evaluation includes reservoir potential, testing and perforation intervals, with abandonment decisions).
  • Completed and documented preliminary and final formation evaluations, including cased hole logs interpretation (PLT, TDT and RST) aiming to apply the ultimate methodology for field development plan.
  • Evaluated >100 offset wells, calculating Gas Initial in Place (GIIP), contributing to forecasting ensuring sound economic decisions were made for land sale project.
  • Contributed to dSFR and EUR calculations, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail.

(Reservoir Exploration—Coal Bed Methane-Bourbon Area) Cretaceous and Jurassic

  • Evaluated coal, effective coal and sand, contributed to drilling and completion of new wells.
  • Evaluation of 30 offset wells to the pilot area aiding GIIP calculations.
  • Assessed volumetrics of unconventional resources, including coalbed methane.
  • Evaluated the capability for water disposal well.
  • Developed relationship between high/standard resolution logs in Bourbon to lower uncertainty of GIIP calculations.

Staff Petrophysical Engineer                                      2006 – 2008

(Development and Exploration—Sour Gas— Alberta) (11 different basins)

  • Saved ~$30Million by influencing decision to undrill unprofitable drilling projects by using petrophysical studies.
  • Created static and dynamic models, built penetration charts based on petrophysical studies and production history (Mississippian, Devonian, Central Foothills).
  • Increased production by 800 e3m3/d (Central Foothills) with increase of 5 new wells.
  • Managed well proposal, drilling and completions; technical support for operational groups.
  • Designed, implemented and monitored evaluation programs including MDT, RFT, DST and invoice approval.
  • Saved Company $Millions by changing re-completion plans resulting from developing a relationship between formation resistivity and impaired porosity by pyrobitumin (Panther), integrating cores, thin sections and logs; results enhanced relationship between reservoir quality and production and improved understanding of the reservoir.

Staff Petrophyical Engineer                                        2000 – 2006

(Development and Exploration—Sour Gas—Alberta) (10 different basins)

  • Strategized increase of >1000 e3m3/d gas using horizontal and deviated wells (Foothills)
  • Participated as team member of the integrated reservoir characterization team ensuring petrophysical input was accurately integrated to develop reservoir model (static and dynamic)
  • Utilized SCAL output including facies study, flow unit, ambient vs. in-situ relations for permeability, porosity and their relationship, Klinkenberg correction and using lambda function to identify transition zone thickness from capillary pressure curves in addition to FWL identification
  • Saturation Height Modeling-Saturation Height Functions
  • Generated 4.5e6m3 and 12.6 e6m3 production within first month with sound use of petrophysical studies (3 basins)
  • Predicted, advised and contributed to multi-discipline team advantageous locations to drill
  • Provided petrophysical support for operational groups
  • Identified and chased effective open fractures by integrated Full Wellbore Micro Scanner Imager, Dipole Sonic Image by utilizing shear wave anisotropy, with rock geomechanic properties.

Senior Petrophysical Engineer                                  1998 – 1999

(Development—Oil Reservoir) (3 basins)

  • Designed, implemented evaluation program using LWD/MWD/GR to enhance HZ well  geosteering.
  • Drilled 4 successful horizontal wells integrating specialized core analyses.
  • Experienced working with old gamma ray, neutron log and old E-log interpretation.

(SouthEast Saskatchewan, Mississippian)           1996 – 1997

  • Evaluated ~50 wells in Midale, SK area for by-pass opportunities
  • Analyzed, documented and summarized field development efficiency plans
  • Achieved experience working with old gamma ray, neutron log and E-log technologies. 

Petrophysicist, International assignment             1988 – 1995

(Oil Reservoirs, two assignments to The Hague –Netherland for petrophysical studies)


University of Damascus, Syria

Bachelor of Science in Geology

Technical and Professional Courses:

●             Geomechanics of the Oilfield: “Application to Fracture Permeability”

●             Advances in Performance Diagnostics for Fractured and Horizontal Wells

●             SPE Applied Technology Workshop

●             SPE Tight Gas Development Forum

●             P-265 (PP role in building static and dynamic models; Petrel and FasTrack introduced)

●             Coal Bed Methane

●             Women’s Career Development Program

●             Managing Risks and Strategic Decisions in Petroleum Exploration & Production

●             Reservoir Characterization: A multi-discipline team approach

●             Evaluation of Canadian Oil & Gas Properties

●             Hydrocarbon: Volume Management (Models 1, 2, and 3)

●             Reservoir Management

●             Examination and Description of Carbonate Sediments (Core)

●             Identifying Bypass Opportunities

●             Reservoir Engineering for Other Disciplines

●             Production Geology for Other Disciplines (PGD; previously P213)

●             Various other courses:  Open/cased hole, LWD, Logging through HZ wells

●             Series of IHRDS courses: Basics of Geology, Reservoir Engineering, Drilling, Completion, Production

Computer Knowledge

@Risk, MonteCarlo, Accumap, TechLog,  LOGIC, UNIX,.  NT, Peteral,  RokDoc,  Microsoft Office

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Well Logging Society, Member.

Eligible for registration with The Association of Professional Engineers


Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta, United Way, and Day of Caring Program


Available upon request

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